Julia Janicki

What I do

Using mapping and web development skills in assisting conservation efforts and related causes

Wildlife Conservation, Wildlife Trade

My core interest lies in wildlife conservation and animal welfare. From there I started also focusing on the topic of wildlife trade, as it is one of the major forces that drive wildlife exploitation.

Web Mapping, Data Visualization

Currently I am using my technological skills, communication skills and my science background to play my part in conservation. Specifically, I have been making web applications & visualizations to help biodiversity researchers.

Front-end Web Development

I have created websites for conservation groups to help further the causes I believe in. I have also created websites for a local animation studio and its associated comic brand. Currently I am making a website for the OKEON project.


For my M.S. project, I was trained as a taxonomist and conservation biologist and I conducted a survey of the primitive weevils in Wisconsin. I also created a web application (Weevil Viewer) to present my survey results.


African Elephant Trade Trends

Data Visualization

Threats to the 8 Pangolin Species

Data Visualization

Major Players in Pangolin Trade

Data Visualization

OKEON Website

Web Development

Okinawa Turtles Project

Web Development, Project Management


Web Mapping

Global Madison

Web Mapping

NW PARC Website

Web Development

Weevil Viewer

Mapping Application

Primitive Weevils of Wisconsin

Taxonomy, Survey, Conservation

Threatened Species Cartogram

Static Maps

Screen Printing

Screen printing, Studio setup, Activism

Agriculture and Development Map

Interactive Maps, Web Development

Paraguay Soybean Export Map

Interactive Maps

Winslow Homer Day

UI Design, Icon Design

Color Transfer

Computational Photography

Histogram Equalization

Computational Photography

Seam Carving

Computational Photography


Julia's Timeline

  • 2016 May - present

    US Consulate Public Affairs Section: Web Developer

    I am creating an informational and educational sea turtle website for Okinawa, as well as a sea turtle sighting app for users to upload images.

  • 2016 February - present

    Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer in Okinawa, Japan.

    Sea turtle by-catch survey, tagging, measuring, and data collection.

  • 2015 November - present

    Legal Atlas (Remote): GIS & Mapping Consultant

    GIS data layer preparation & Wildlife trade interactive map prototype development. Legal Atlas Researcher Page

  • August 2015 - present

    OIST: Computing Technician. Okinawa, Japan.

    I create and manage databases (PostgreSQL); develop and maintain websites, web applications and interactive visualizations (D3, leaflet, HTML5, Django, Wordpress); use the CT scanner for specimen-scanning, post process using 3D software (Amira) and create 3DPDFs (Tetra4D); prepare molecular plates of ant specimens for sequencing; train and assist other people in lab with various software; post-process & edit graphics; and analyze bird songs (RavenPro).

  • August 2015

    Wildwood Veterinary Hospital: Shadowing. Redwood City, CA.

    I shadowed two exotic animal vets & learned a lot about exotic animal care and interacting with clients.

  • May 2015- present

    NW PARC: Webmaster (Remote)

    I designed, developed and maintain the official website of NW PARC. nwparc.org

  • January - July 2015

    OIST: Biodiversity/biocomplexity Intern. Okinawa, Japan.

    I created low-fi and high-fi prototypes; designed and coded an interactive web-mapping application (antmaps.org) to visualize the GABI database; refined and evaluated applications at all stages by conducting usability testing; maintained a wordpress website; maintained a database, imported/exported, organized and cleaned up data.

  • September 2014- January 2015

    The Artillery: Web Designer. San Francisco, CA.

    I created prototypes, and designed, coded and maintained various websites.

  • May 2014

    M.S. Entomology, UW-Madison

  • Sept 2011- May 2014

    UW-Madison: Entomology Teaching Assistant

    I gave lectures on insect taxonomy, external and internal morphology and anatomy, metamorphosis, and natural history; I assisted students in hands-on insect taxonomy at lab; I substituted for my professor and gave lectures; and I proctored exams.

  • September - December 2010

    Xerces Society Research Assistant

    Developed species profiles for various invertebrate species that included information from species description to conservation needs as part of the Xerces webpage. Example Species Profile

  • June-August 2010

    Wisconsin DNR: Field Assistant

    Assisted in Karner Blue Butterfly distance sampling. Assisted in Karner Blue Butterfly wing clipping. Entered date for Karner Blue Butterfly habitat assessment and transects.

  • May 2010

    B.S. Conservation Biology, Japanese. UW-Madison

  • September 2008 - July 2009

    Japanese Language Program. Keio University, Tokyo, Japan

    JLPT Level 1

  • July-August 2008

    Endemic Species Research Institute, Nantou, Taiwan

    Collected specimens in caves of endemic bat species, Pteropus dasymallus formosus, and measured their metabolic rates in order to understand the high body temperature of the species over winter. Collected specimens of other bat species in the mountains. Worked at the rescue station to assist veterinarians. Took care of injured animals at the rescue station.

  • June-July 2008

    Pacific Whale Foundation Field Assistant, Puerto Lopez, Ecuador

    Identified individual humpback whales by the patterns of their flukes to understand their yearly migration pattern. Recorded the GPS coordinates for each humpback whale encountered along with the number of adults and calves.

  • June 2008

    WIDECAST Sea Turtle volunteer, Cahuita National Park, Costa Rica

    Sea Turtle Conservation

Skills & Interests

Language Skills

English (native)
Chinese (native)
Japanese (JLPT level 1)
French (Proficient)


Rock Climbing, Scuba Diving, Mountain Biking, Screen Printing, Photography, Animal Welfare, Animal Rescue, Wildlife Trade, Web Design, Data Visualization, Learning Languages

Technical Skills

Programming Languages: Javascript, SQL, PHP, Python, Java, MATLAB
Web Development: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Flask, Django, Wordpress, Shopify
Javascript Libraries: jQuery, D3, Leaflet, Underscore, React
Mapping/ GIS software: ArcGIS, MapShaper, ShapeEscape,TileMill, geojson.io
Database: Specify6, PostGreSQL, PostGIS
Design Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
Editing Software: Adobe Promiere Pro, Final Cut Pro
3D Software: Amira, Meshlab, Tetra4D


Roth RE, SJ Young, C Nestel, B Davidson, J Janicki, V Knoppke-Wetzel, F Ma, R Mead, C Rose, and G Zhang. (Submitted).
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Janicki J, N Narula, M Ziegler, B Guénard and E Economo. 2016.
Visualizing and interacting with large-volume biodiversity data using client-server web mapping applications: The design and implementation of antmaps.org. Ecological Informatics.32: 185-193.
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Global Madison: Usability evaluation of an adaptive mobile map supporting situated learning of globalization. In: Proceedings of the 27th International Cartography Conference. Rio de Janiero, Brazil: August 23-28.
Janicki J, G Guo, M Conway, R Donohue, and RE Roth. 2014.
Weevil Viewer: An interactive mapping application for geographic and phenological exploration of Wisconsin’s primitive weevils. The Journal of Maps. 10(2): 289-296.